Seniors Residences in Günzburg

Care and assistance for elderly

On the following page we have prepared the most important information for english-speaking people.

We hope to offer you the basic information and invite you just to call us for further support. Gladly we offer you an English-speaking contact person.

First an overview of the german system of helping people in need of care:

Ambulant Care

Ambulant services

Ambulant services offer a variety of care and assistance at home. Depending on the personal situation the nursing staff will visit you at home and take care of the duties and responsibilities. In detail there are:

 -home care
 - home help
 - meals on wheels
 - assistance for handicapped persons

If there is need for care or disease the nursing care insurance takes part of the costs.

Assisted Living

A special form of the ambulant services is „assisted living“. In this case provider offer suitable apartments including basic services and an additional ambulant care.

ATTENTION!   IN addition to the monthly rent there is mostly an extra amount for the basic service, all further services will cause extra costs.

Stationary Assistance

A stationary provision is always located in useable facilities, like seniors residences or homes for elderly. Such houses always offer a complete service; that means nursery care, food, washing and cleaning.

Day Care

Day care is a special kind of provision, because people in case of nursery care stay in this facilities just during the day; they were brought in the morning and took home in the evening.

This kind is proper, if accommodative dependents are at work during the day.

Short-time Nursery

Short-time nursery is very important to support dependents, because people in need of nursery care could looked after for several weeks completely.

Circumvention Care

Like he short-time nursery this is to support dependents. In case they get ill or have to have a brake, circumvention care could replace them.

Stationary Nursing

This is classically the place in a senior´s residence or home for elderly. Facing advanced need for care and dementia these homes offer a safe and high-quality provision day and night.

Which kind of service will fit to my situation?

This question is sometimes not easy to answer, because there are a lot of facts which influence.

The best is to get some advise from our experts. Just call and make an appointment for a free meeting.

Info:            08221 207 92 0                                                  

How much do I have to charge?

In Germany exists a close meshed net of social security. In case for nursery care the long term care insurance is responsible.

Take our advise and our offer!

Who we are?

The Eigenbetrieb Seniorenheime is part of the public administration of the county of Günzburg. We are running in total four homes for elderly and we are at least the leading organisation in our area.

The homes in detail::

Kreisaltenheim Burgau

Brementalstraße 20
89331 Burgau

Tel.: 08222 41004 27

Isabella-Braun-Heim Jettingen

Krankenhausstraße 1
89343 Jettingen

Tel.: 08225 95991 0


Wahl-Lindersches Altenheim Günzburg

Krankenhausstraße 42
89312 Günzburg

Tel.: 08221 207 92 0


Stadlerstift Thannhausen

Stadlerstraße 15
86470 Thannhausen

Tel.: 08281 799509 0


Where we are?

Eigenbetrieb Seniorenheime des Landkreises Günzburg

Krankenhausstraße 42
89312 Günzburg

Tel.: 08221 207 9220